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The “Atlas” Collection - Archival Photographic Proofs of Greek Banknotes

Monday, September 16, 2019

The “Atlas” Collection - Archival Photographic Proofs
of Greek Banknotes


            The discovery of something new and unknown is always the greatest pleasure of a collector. The almost unknown archival photographic proofs of Greek banknotes will soon become a new dynamic collection field. This study comes to help collectors by providing the first steps for their collection and research.

            Since the mid-1980s, most of the large archive of the American Bank Note Company (ABNC) and Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. (BWC) had gradually began to be auctioned. In this way, collectors were able to obtain a huge number of items related to the creation and printing of banknotes of these two companies. Within this wealth of objects, there were also some books on whose pages there were attached many black and white photos of proof banknotes at various stages of their preparation. These were collages of drawings and various individual printed parts such as vignettes, geometric patterns, signatures or serial numbers.

The photographic proofs and the accompanying notes gave us a lot of information about the alternative forms that our banknotes could have, and that they filled many gaps in our "banknote" history. It is believed that these photographic proofs are the only surviving copies of the kind currently available in the collector market.

The present work is divided into two main parts. First, it is described how the banknotes were being made 100-150 years ago, and in the second follows the presentation of the photographic proofs divided into sections according to the issuing authority.

The catalogue is a paperback edition, printed in full color. It consists of 208 pages and it is bilingual (Greek & English). For more information and sample images you can visit the following two links:

Link 1 

Link 2


To acquire the catalogue, you can visit this link .