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New Book on Coinage of King George I

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

This album is a product of a systematic effort to present the complete collection of coins during the period of King George I (1863-1913) as a cohesive and integrated whole aiming to study the coins of that particular period and to survey the political, financial and historical events and the way these events influenced the greek coinage, while at the same time it records all the artistic styles of that period. Meticulous description of details & artistic styles. High quality photographic material. 

A sense of duty towards future generations are basic features of every Greek patriot and consequently this album aims to become a part of our historical heritage and to help other collectors to gain a more systematic approach with the coins of King George I, hoping at the same time that it will also be a useful tool for those interested in a general but also methodical contact with the Greek coinage of this articular period. 275 Pages of pure material that covers in full depth the coinage of King George I (1863-1913).
300 Limited Copies.

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